Some might say we’re obsessive

Nothing but the most potent ingredients go into our blends:

  • efficacious amounts of each functional ingredient

  • botanical extracts produced without any chemical solvents

  • mushroom extracts that use only fruiting bodies, unlike many products made from mycelium (the mushrooms’ root system)

  • the most clinically studied, highest concentration, full-spectrum Ashwagandha root extract available (KSM-66)

Taking (and acing) tests

Need a second opinion? No offense taken! We scour the planet for the highest quality ingredients, only collaborating with suppliers who meet our high manufacturing and testing standards. Then, our ingredients undergo rigorous third-party laboratory testing for pesticides, heavy metals, mold, yeast and other microbes to confirm quality and purity. To ensure this purity right to your door, our Elixir Blends are blended and packaged in a pharmaceutical grade facility operating in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and registered with the FDA to manufacture dietary supplements and with Health Canada to manufacture Natural Health

AKA: you can trust our labels. We triple checked.

no refined sugar
extracted herbs
3rd party lab tested