Right to the source

If there’s one thing we’ve verified first hand after tasting and testing hundreds of ingredients, it’s that not all ingredients — even of the same species — are alike. Geography, growing conditions, climate, harvesting and preparation can radically affect the quality of an ingredient, from taste, smell and color, to purity and potency.

The highest quality and most potent ingredients come from their native growing regions where they’ve evolved over time to thrive — not from labs where they’re grown for mass production.

This is why we go to the source. For example, our sustainably grown organic Mushroom extracts are sourced from farms in the mountain regions of China, where medicinal mushrooms have been grown for millennia. Our wild-crafted Pine Pollen is gathered from forests at the edge of the Himalayan Mountains. Our Ayurvedic herbs — Moringa, Mucuna Pruriens and Ashwagandha — are grown organically in India.

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