All in one daily scoop

JOYÀ Elixir Blends are formulated by nutrition and herbal experts in accordance with scientific research and principles of traditional medicine to promote your optimal health. Each blend combines carefully chosen, complementary adaptogens and tonic herbs that work synergistically to support your body and mind.

Adaptogens for holistic health

The unique adaptogenic, stress-supporting core of JOYÀ Elixir Blend formulations is the engine that drives each blend's holistic health supporting power.

Our body and its systems — including our hormonal, nervous, immune and digestive systems — function optimally when they’re in balance. But when exposed to continuous stress, our body works overtime, allocating its resources to try to get back to a balanced state, which compromises the functioning of all of our systems. Herbs and functional mushrooms classified as Adaptogens help our body counter the detrimental effects of stress and function in balance.

So no matter which blend (or blends) you choose, you can be sure that you’re supporting your health with multiple benefits — all in one efficacious daily scoop.

no refined sugar
extracted herbs
3rd party lab tested