Resources for Cultivating a More Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive Wellness Industry

Quote from Costanza Eliana Chinea about equity in wellness
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The wellness industry feels overwhelmingly one-dimensional. It is paramount that this change and that the wellness world become an accessible, equitable, diverse and inclusive one. 

We hope that this resource guide can serve as a small step toward amplifying the voices of BIPOC wellness thought leaders and experts, and help support BIPOC-owned businesses. This guide is organized by category, and contains links to various resources (e.g. websites, articles, podcasts, social media profiles), spanning topics including food, clean beauty, mental health, lifestyle, sustainability and other areas of wellness.

We will be updating this guide regularly, so please send us any suggestions via DM @thejoyalife

Click on any of the categories below to view a complete (and continuously updated) list of resources

Where to Donate + Get Involved 

Mental Health + General Well-Being Resources 

Educational Resources

  • What to Watch/Listen To/Read
  • Wellness Events, Courses, etc...

Wellness Brands + Services

  • Food, Clean/Natural Beauty and Other Wellness Products + Services 

Health + Wellness Content Creators

  • Food, Health + Fitness

“There is power in seeing yourself reflected. Representation gives us hope for new possibilities and the courage to try. The more people there are who look like us, in spaces to educate and assist us on how to make changes, the more comfortable we will feel with wellness, and the more likely we will be to truly improve generational health and shift the ‘cultural norms’ of the Black community, both mentally and physically.” 

— Briana Owens, Essence