JOYÀ Holiday Gift Guide

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The special gift that truly means something. The thoughtful gift that surprises. Nothing feels better to give and receive, but mastering the hunt for the perfect gems can be tricky. And time-consuming. Our gift to you: we’re here to make your gift giving this holiday season so fun and easy, it just might have you jumping for joy.

Whether you’re shopping for the baker (or eater), the person whose beauty routine is their routine, the everyday athlete, or yourself (because you deserve it!), search no further: an edible gift is just about the best kind of loving you can gift right now. From intoxicating botanical wellness blends and decadent hand-crafted chocolate, to custom tools for blending cafe-style brews, we've got all you need to share a whole lot of goodness with the ones you love.

For the Foodie

For the Active + Adventurous

For the Person Who Loves to Glow

For the Foodie

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These are the must-have gifts for the wellness-loving foodies in your life: the cooks, the bakers and the superfood smoothie makers. Our Bliss cacao elixir blend, Elevate herbal tea and hand-crafted chocolate bars are a taste of stress-busting, mood-boosting cocoa heaven that will have them baking and brewing nourishing chocolatey goodness.

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Chocolate Lover's Bundle

Chocolate: aka “the food of the gods”. The way to anyone’s heart this holiday season  and any season. Our luscious, adaptogenic and nourishing cocoa combo is a true bundle of love. ($80-$83)


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Sip Your Chocolate Bundle

Who doesn’t have chocaholics on their shopping list? Now you can give the gift of blending, brewing, sipping and savoring cocoa heaven. ($94-$99)


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For the Active + Adventurous

Sop the JOYÀ 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for gifts for the active and adventurous


We’ve rounded up our favorite products for your outdoorsy, yogi and fitness-loving friends to fuel their adventures and keep them feeling their best all year round. Our Elixirs pack-in energizing, stress-supporting, immune-boosting goodness, and our chocolates are decadently nourishing snack — perfect for everyone who wants to keep go-go-going right into 2021.

Focus Starter Bundle

Our energizing, brain-loving Focus is the perfect gift for your active friends — or any matcha-loving people on your list. Grab a jar of Focus, or opt for this bundle with everything they’ll need to scoop & blend their way to elixir perfection. ($88)

Elixir All Day Starter Bundle

Featuring all 3 JOYÀ Elixirs and your tool of choice, this bundle is for the person who wants to move well and think sharp, and then sleep deep so they can do it all over again the next day. ($130-$136)


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For the Person Who Loves to Glow

Shop JOYÀ's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the person who loves to glow


The gift of vibrant health, that's the gift of Glow. With the power of invigorating spices and adaptogenic herbs found in our Glow elixir and Zing herbal tea, you’ll be gifting soothing, clean skin care that doubles as a stress reliever. It’s like a spa day, every day, from the comfort of home.


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Golden Gut + Beauty Bundle

This is the bundle that truly does it all — if doing it all means helping you feel and live your best, all while making your taste buds sing. Facials and massages might be off the books right now, but you can save the day with the gift that will have the lucky recipient radiating from the inside out. ($90-$98)


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Glow Starter Bundle

This super-herb and adaptogen-powered bundle will have your loved ones sipping their way to an elevated beauty routine, improved digestion and stronger immune system. And blending fancy golden milk lattes in style. ($88) 


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