"Green Machine" Sagittarius Smoothie

Yield: 1 large smoothie

Vegan, Paleo, Refined Sugar-free, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Grain-free

Recipe for Vegan and paleo Green Machine smoothie made with JOYÀ Focus matcha-moringa elixir blend

This Green Machine smoothie is the Sagittarius smoothie from our Smoothie Horoscope collection. And just like the generous nature of Sagittarius, this smoothie just keeps on giving so much goodness.

Packed with greens, including our Matcha-Moringa Elixir Blend, and balanced with just a hint of sweetness from mango and electrolyte-rich, hydrating coconut water, Green Machine will power you through just about anything. It’s loaded with nutrients and fiber, and makes for a brain-loving, stress-supporting, energizing and immune-boosting breakfast.


  • ⅓ cup avocado chunks (about ½ small avocado)
  • 1 large (or 2 small) celery stalks, chopped
  • ¼ cup parsley, leaves and stems
  • 2 cups chopped kale
  • ⅓ cup chopped cucumber
  • ⅓ cup chopped mango
  • 2 tsp JOYÀ Matcha-Moringa Elixir Blend
  • handful crushed ice
  • ½ cup or more coconut water - to desired consistency (use less for a thicker smoothie bowl) 
  • optional: a dried + pitted date, honey, maple syrup or other sweetener, to taste
  • optional toppings/mix-ins: shredded coconut, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, bee pollen* (or if enjoying as a smoothie bowl, granola and fruit)

*Note: omit bee pollen to keep the recipe vegan.

Recipe for vegan and paleo Green Machine smoothie made with JOYÀ Matcha-Moringa Elixir Blend


  1. Add all ingredients (except toppings/mix-ins) to a high-speed blender and blend until smooth and no chunks remain.
  2. Pour into glass(es), optionally add toppings/mix-ins and enjoy!

Pro Tip: Refrigerate any leftovers for up to 24 hours. Alternatively, pour leftovers into an ice cube tray and use to make other smoothies.

Smoothie Illustration by Katie Smith